Said Prudence, “I’m particular
about staying perpendicular
when walking home from drinking
at a party or a bar,”
so whenever she got drunk
she drove home in a car.
This imprudent action
soon put her in traction,
with her legs at an angle
and bones in a tangle,
and three mangled bodies
laid flat on a slab.

The judge said to Prudence,
“If you had been prudent
instead of particular,
no doubt you wouldn’t
be entering prison
as Her Majesty’s guest.”

The Daily Post #Prudent

©Jane Paterson Basil

15 thoughts on “Particular

            1. Years ago, when the drink/driving laws came into force in the UK, my my mother-in-law thought it was unfair that people weren’t allowed drink and drive. She pointed out that her husband had never killed anyone when he was drunk.
              Luckily, her three sons had more sense than her.

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                1. The odd thing is that in most respects she was wonderful; a primary school teacher who went the extra mile for children with difficulties, she was both loved and respected by her pupils… but she enjoyed a (large) tipple in her spare time.


                    1. Not at all; no need to apologise – it occurred to me after I wrote the comment about her that it was wrong of me to mention it. I was the one who painted her in a bad light.


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