I dressed like the rest of ’em,
dragged the ragged hem of my Indian Kaftan
as I shimmied in the ‘seventies summertime dust,
bare soles greying,
slurping up the dirt as they slapped on the pavement,
lank hair swaying down around my waist.

I picked up the lingo;
learned to tag a suffix onto hellos and info.
“Hi, man”, “Hey, man”,
“I’m spaced out today, man”.
I gabbed about breadheads, straights and deadheads,
denied having hang-ups,
while the guys got spaced out,
dabbled with the wahwah, and crashed in the pad.

I dressed like the rest of ’em,
babbled like the best of ’em,
but I burned with a different kind of fire.
An anomalous question mark, an obvious outlier,
I shook my head at weed, and I detested LSD.


The Daily Post #Outlier

©Jane Paterson Basil


30 thoughts on “Anomoly

    1. We all thought we were unique.
      I remember when punk rock came in. A bunch of them were interviewed on TV. They all had mohicans and their clothes were almost identical. When asked why they became punks, one of them said, “We don’t wanna be sheep.” All the others nodded their heads in assent.

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    1. Thank you!
      there wee those who despised me for not doing drugs. It didn’t occur to them that I may have good reasons.
      Some became heroin addicts, some went into permanent psychosis, at least two walked in front of cars and died, and some died of other causes – mostly drug related.
      Some moved on and became useful members of the community.

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        1. Maybe – but it wasn’t willpower; I thought the world was beautiful, and it would be an insult to look at it through warped eyes.
          Also, I was a daredevil – you can’t walk along narrow fences atop viaducts if you’re stoned…

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                    1. Wow Jane thanks for that insight … it would never have occurred to me but it does sound right. Her parents were the drug taking hippies that didn’t have a lot of time for her … so maybe it was her way of getting attention and feeling loved.

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    1. We used to watch the sunset. I saw it in all its beauty. They sat around seeing something else and saying “Wow,” and telling me that LSD opened up the doors of perception (yawn).
      I’d rather look through a kaleidoscope than hallucinate. 🙂

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