Their persistant weapons
find a hundred ways to break you.
They split your tender flesh.


It’s happened
so many times before.
Seems like forever.


Scar tissue sits thick on elastic skin.
You examine each chilling wound
as it knits into a jagged seam.


after quivering years
of enemy ambush and friendly fire,
you stand guard for a while,
examining shadows.


ticks softly.
Hushed fairy stories
invite slumber.


As soon as your limbs relax,
a trickster attacks from behind,
slicing bright scarlet gashes
across faded scars.


This time,
you remind yourself
that you have survived countless conflicts,
and still you refuse to be beaten down.
Your wounds leave deep lines,
but they always heal.


The Daily Post #Heal

©Jane Paterson Basil

14 thoughts on “Scars

    1. Yes. They tell our history and may shape our future…
      I’m a gardener. Lately I’ve been pruning roses, and weeding around them. I have an aversion to gloves, and I don’t take care to avoid the thorns. This way I can work better, but my hands and arms get covered in scratches and cuts. These days I hardly notice them. Sometimes a thorn beneath the skin is hard to extract, so I leave it to get infected, when it comes out easily.
      So, sometimes I can minimise the pain, and sometimes I have to sit through it, but it matters little either way.
      You get used to most things in time.

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