Leaving home

leaving home

Whenwe  left the smog of the city to live in this backwater place, I lay curled in my mother’s womb. Although my family was looked upon as foreign by the rural folk, this is the only home I’ve ever known. As the popoulation grew, attracting those from distant towns and counties, I rose from my outsider status to become a local. My roots struggled to find a way through the stony soil, and tenaciously they clung. My four children came into being, and were raised here; seeds of the next generation which now thrives. All of my descendants save for one – my grandson, currently at University – are within this ancient burrough, within easy reach of me.

My daughter is at the graveside of her beloved, saying goodbye. Her bags are packed. I put them in the car, to save having to slog later. I come back to the flat and switch on my laptop. It’s slow to warm up, so I go to the bedroom to apply some hand lotion, and see the gap where her possessions had been.

With a jolt similar to a jagged bolt of electricity, it hits me. Aged thirty-one, my little girl  is leaving home.

Written for The Daily Post #Jolt

©Jane Paterson Basil

10 thoughts on “Leaving home

  1. I feel for you. My son left home when he was seventeen, which at the time was very heart wrenching for me. I now live near him in the same town, He has his own family. I now know why that happened and that is all behind us. His having his own son, is helping him understand how it is for a parent. Not so easy, is it?

    BTW nice collection of cases used to illustrate. I love the cerulean blues of the towel and background pots and stripes. Very nice! Cheers Jamie.

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    1. There are potholes everywhere – glad you and your son sorted it out.
      I have to shower and get ready to take my daughter to her new home, so I’m signing off now. I probably won’t post for a few days as I’m spending a couple of nights with her while she settles in. Jane.


    1. Laura is sitting beside me now, in her new home. She loves it here. It may be hard for us both when I go home tomorrow night, but I’m confident that things will go well.
      Laura says thanks, and sends her love 💖

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