Beneath plastic castles and shifting sands,
beneath mortgages and grandiose plans,
beneath labour pains and mortuary vans,
beneath gleaming yachts and broken fans,
beneath lion hearts and rodent fangs,
beneath flat denial and praying hands –
beneath all of the hunger and greed of man,
lies the inheritance on which we stand.

It’s there, where it has always been,
silently waiting to be seen.

Beneath the feet of you and me,
are roots of possibility.
Though we may be too blind to see,
the earth still strives for harmony.

There, beneath all that we wish to become
is the strum of life, the truth that we are one.

©Jane Paterson Basil

The Daily Post #Harmony


66 thoughts on “Roots

  1. Nice poem. Were you aware, Janebasil, that the star we know as Sol and it’s planetary system. Is not born of the Milky Way. It was captured from another galaxy. One known as the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy. Or SagDeg. The Milky Way MW is cannibalizing SagDeg.. Tearing it apart. I am often tempted to consider the survival of this planetary system, as something that will endure beyond our species?

    Uwe George wrote that the natural state of the universe is a desert. That perhaps our species is nature’s way of addressing the imbalance of this verdant place, back into desert? In which case? We cannot change that until homo sapiens is extinguished? Replaced by robotics AI?. Obviously, with all the stars in the MW and the 42 billion other galaxies that Hubble Space Telescope has identified. There are other planets and so life forms of whatever kind.

    The human eye only sees a small amount of light available. That a much broader spectrum of light might reveal to our sight, other beings? Mathematicians can also prove there are at least eleven dimensions. All that can be found in “The Elegant Universe by Dr. Brian Greene.
    Cheers Jamie.

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        1. My mum used to say something like that when I was in my teens. I didn’t believe her, because everything hurt so much. I now realise that if it doesn’t hurt, you don’t need to be strong… do you know – I’ve never thought of that before. Your comment inspired that flash of insight! I love blogging, and the inspiration I get from people like you xx


      1. Have re-edited my reblog … Miriam read it from there so let’s hope a few more visit! Should I put in the entire poem? At this stage I just did the first two verses to encourage people to come here … had loads of likes but only one click.

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        1. People go to you because they’re interested in what you write, so reblogs don’t usually get so much traffic. I noticed that a while ago.
          I don’t think you can put the entire poem in – when you reblog only the beginning of the post comes up – unless it’s something short like a haiku…

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          1. That’s right but I can copy and paste in the edit once it’s up? I just think it’s something everyone should read and then maybe some will visit. My stats are no issue, I delete posts regularly which then depletes my stats.

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            1. Yes, that will be fine.
              You delete a lot of your posts? I read somewhere that if you delete posts you should do it in some complicated way that I didn’t check out, or something annoying can happen.
              That’s not a very helpful comment, is it? 🙂

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              1. Not complicated at all! You merely ‘trash’ them and then empty the trash can. I have been doing it from the beginning and deleted about 16 just over Easter … blog is still here but you do lose those stats. Not an issue for me

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                1. Thanks for that – it’s the way I deleted a couple of my posts, but then I read this thing somewhere on WP, which made me nervous.
                  I agree – stats aren’t important, unless you’re looking to boost your ego.

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                    1. lol I did just that a few days ago and omitted it from my menu thinking it was buried … then I notice WP are now featuring my posts from that category after each new post. SO the joke is on me!

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                    1. Poems like this rarely come to me, and when they do, it feels as if the seed has been planted by some external force. Did you see the evil poem I wrote the day before? I was still full of the anger that had inspired it, then I checked out the word for the daily prompt. I read “harmony”, and immediately calmed down. I looked out of my window at the innocent earth, three floors down, and it came to me that if we stripped away all of our greed, hatred, fear, angst, and pretence, we would find the harmony that exists beneath the crust, and grows out of it.

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                    2. Yes Jane, I sincerely believe that harmony and goodness are our essential essence. That those negative emotions are merely learnt and need to be culled more radically than my posts! And it sounds like that venting of years of built up frustration was the healthy release button for this insight?

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                    3. Almost all of the bad things which have happened in my life have come as a result of me ignoring inner warnings. I now see that the warnings were coming from the main body – this planet and everything that exists upon it. I think I needed all of the frustration in order to reach this understanding.
                      We humans think we’re so clever, but we’ve used our brains in all the wrong ways.

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                    4. we use only a small fraction of our brains … it’s our heart that connects with the oneness and now you know you need to listen to yours! I always end up in trouble if i don’t listen …

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                  1. I have a long-distance, barely-related cousin in California who called me out of the blue a few years ago. I had NO clue who he was. Name is Greg Moore and he’s a gaffer in Hollywood. He had done the research on my dad’s side as far back as he could get. I’ve never been able to make any headway with mom’s. I get frustrated and impatient too easily.

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                    1. It can be hard work. I became interested in my family tree at about 19. My father’s side was easy – info had been handed down and updated by my grandfather, who’d drawn up a lovely chart. My dad gave all me the paperwork. I researched my mother’s side, and found out lots about her maternal family. I drew a blank on her father’s side – he hadn’t been in the picture for long. I put a lot of work into it. I was in the middle of putting it all together on a huge chart when my niece asked if she could borrow it for a school project. I lent her the lot, telling her I MUST have it back. She threw it all away in a rage, one day when her mum told her to tidy her room. Everything. All gone forever, including such items as my copy of an official letter from King George the 3rd, concerning land – my mother’s family owned huge swathes of forest in Scotland…

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