Zany #tanka



They say I’m crazy
but they’re wildly mistaken.
Watch this apprentice
flail, hear me laugh as I fail
at the zany game of life.


The Daily post #Apprentice

©Jane Paterson Basil


9 thoughts on “Zany #tanka

  1. Yes, okay. But how would you define success in the zany game? I got it, it’s a nice poem not necessarily true. Crazy? Now there’s a broad spectrum. I do not call you that. It might define my ex. Who cannot self depreciate. … ah so we humans, are all crazy? Cheers Jamie.

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    1. In my version of the zany game of life, success is money and power, whereas, in the other version – the sane game of life, winning is all about being happy, and making those around you happy.
      Maybe your ex is competing on the wrong board game, Jamie…
      All the best,

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    1. That’s a lovely thing to be told! I’ve spent my life being told was was mad, when I was doing no more than swimming in my own direction. These days I get respect for it – from all generations.

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