19 thoughts on “Control #senryu

      1. But other people are so frustrating sometimes! Why can’t they behave as you want them to, be nice and considerate and not thoughtless and selfish. Why do they have to be so pigheaded and completely incapable of seeing the world from someone else’s viewpoint? I love people, but they’re also the most frustrating thing in all our lives 🙂

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            1. And the vast majority of it is dangerous daftness. I’ve been trying to explain to someone that if UKIP got into power it wouldn’t mean that there would be council houses for our grandchildren. He thinks that “them immigrants” have taken all our council houses. It’a not even as if he’s too young to remember the Thatcher years.

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              1. Jus the sight of a UKIP campaigner had me declaring ‘NO’ very loudly and stomping past the rather bemused man trying to force a leaflet on me. Does this man not remember the big council house sell off? I’m sure that has more to do with lack of social housing than immigration.

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                1. According to some of the idiots around me, “them immigrants” are responsible for all our ills.
                  You stubbed your toe on a door? Them immigrants is to blame.
                  You burnt your toast? It’s them immigrants.
                  I remember the council housing sell-off. I almost fell out with a Labour Party accociate (who was also a close friend) because he bought one of them.

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                  1. I see why it was done – a comparitively easy way for poorer people to own property – however, it’s terrifically short sighted, leaving a chasm where social housing should be. Not sure what the answer is now – there’s no way the government will build the thousands of houses needed.

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                    1. The housing situation is depressing… along with the health service, education, the welfare system, and Toblerone, since the triangly bits became less chunky.
                      Not that I eat Toblerone, but some of my chocolatey friends are in pieces about it – triangular pieces… 🙂
                      Ill-conceived humour – what do you expect at 3.30am? 🙂

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                    2. Haha! Haven’t bought a Toblerone since they monkeyed about with it, thought the very thought of messing with its shape is sad to those of us who love its honeyed triangles!

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                    3. I suppose it’s too late to hold a mass demonstration, and I don’t suppose we’d get Ralph McTell on board to sing to us when we hit Hyde Park. He doesn’t strike me as a Toblerone sort of guy.
                      Dammit – I’ve just accidentally eaten a whole bar of Gnaw Lemon Meringue chocolate. Now there’s none left…

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                    4. Easy to do – the unconscious chocolate eating. I do it all the time. One moment the chocolate’s there, the next it’s gone without seeming to have gone through an in between stage. Magical stuff. Not sure about Ralph’s chocolate leanings, but he seems a good guy for folk in need and what more worthy a cause is there but to help chocaholics in need 🙂

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    1. It’s more a remind to myself than anything. I think I’ll make paste the senryu onto a screensaver. At the moment I’ve got “I move forward with confidence and joy, knowing that all is well with my future”. Reading it every time I switch on my laptop seems to be working for me.


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