Some homes boast a TV in every room, some have three or four, others have just two. A few have but one.

I have none.

I watch a shapeshifting cloud, while low in the sky, the golden sun sinks.

Hiding behind a hill, it sends its rays to paint the horizon a soft shade of peach, lightly touched with lilac streaks.

The cloud changes shape from a cute pup into a hand held up in a farewell salute, but though it dissipates with the dusk, the show is not over.

The streaks have darkened to mauve; they eat the peach, their gases swelling, and as they grow, they meet to become a deepening sheet across the sky.

On the road, cars flash by, their headlights lighting up the leaves on the trees.

It is night, and reflections make complex patterns on my window; glassy imprints of my interior merge with the sleepy town and the midnight sky.

I revel in the eclectic shapes of my world, and the pictures which change as I move about the room.

Some folks feel the need for four TVs, or three, or two, or only one.

As for me, I need none.


Photo taken from my window at night – not a clear depiction; it was taken with my Samsung Galaxy, so the balance the reflection and the outside world is very diferent to what I see, and far less interesting.

The Daily Post #None

©Jane Paterson Basil

20 thoughts on “Entertainment

  1. and I am sure you are much healthier for it! My room came with one so I bought a recorder and tape only what I’m interested in. Seldom watch the recordings but its there where I can fly thru the commercials and not get bogged in negativity. Just watched a very moving documentary about the gay bashings and murders in Sydney. Police have never investigated and turns out were responsible for some … 😦

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      1. And there’s often nothing on anyway! My mum has Sky and each time we visit my step dad spends half an hour looking through the guide trying to find something to watch – and Sky has hundreds of channels. 🙂

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        1. I think your step dad is wise. I know a couple of people who have the TV on whenever they’re home, whateve rthey’re doing. They don’t notice the insidious way all that dross creeps into the brain and dulls the senses 😉

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