New Horizons

ship unmoored.jpg

Built well,
but not yet strong enough
to take the heartless weight of dark cargo
dumped deep in her unready  hold,
the beautiful boat became unmoored
from the harbour of her home.

Her anchor slipped through shifting sands
as the ship’s sails were buffeted
by each errant gust of wind.

The rudder broke, the bowsprit split,
the fo’c’sle ghosts awoke and moaned
whilst helplessly she floated to and fro,
sometimes so close that her landlocked crew
had high hopes that they may reach her —
but each time the wild waves beat them back,
leaving them treading water, and her bobbing on the sea,
growing smaller as the winds ripped her sails
and whipped her away.

Gails attacked her lonely deck.
Sea brine ate her failing timbers,
cracked her weakened keel, and seeped into her hull.

At the stroke of doom, a miracle occurred;
drawing her to safer waters.
The tainted cargo began melting away,
and her anchor finally held sway.

When the big ship sailed her way,
its kindly captain saw this brave, but ailing boat.
Throwing her a lifeline, he led her to a safer shore,
where he forged a golden anchor,
replaced her broken parts, reinforced her base,
and painted her in brightest shades,
that she may proudly sail again.

Dedicated to David. You rock!

PS Love to Laura. I see you sail and I’m proud of you. xxx

The Daily Post #Unmoored

©Jane Paterson Basil


18 thoughts on “New Horizons

        1. About five years ago I sent a publisher an introductory letter about a childrens’ story, and got an email back to say they weren’t currently taking on new authors. The terror that I felt when I clicked send wasn’t worth the disappointment of instant refusal.
          Maybe I could try again with poetry, but poetry is less mainstream…

          Liked by 1 person

          1. maybe enter a few competitions or send to Posit or a few on line publishers so others at least get the opportunity to read you?
            No shame in an instant refusal, just means that they weren’t taking new authors as they said. JK Rowlings had 16 refusals before she self published so it proves publishers don’t know much …

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I’ve entered and won a few competitions on an online writers site – but that’s no big deal. I’ve never heard of Posit.When I Googled it, it just came up with definitions of the word.
              Maybe I should look at online publishers, now my life is calming down.

              Liked by 1 person

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