Anagram slam

Toad Ode –

An anagramatic tongue-twister – go on, see how fast you can say it without swallowing your tonsils…


A ten ton, one toed toad,
toted a donated date,
notated a neat ode,
noted date…

ate note, not date;
no ado,
no ante-dote…

dot… dot… dot…


Toad –
note tenet;
don’t eat note,
eat date.



Funny how constraints can make or break a poem. Were they too tight? I’ll let you decide.

The Daily Post – #Detonate – a day late, but achieved without pressing the red button marked D, or single a mention of the Trumpeting Dicktator… oops – I’ve blotted my copybook.

©Jane Paterson Basil

13 thoughts on “Anagram slam

  1. I can say it but I cannot remember it. Not like Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, etc. Still, love the toad. So much of their habitats are being destroyed her in B.C. Everyone want s to live next to creeks and lakes. The rushes are torn down and then fill, which is then covered in grass. Only meant for mowing. … sigh! You have to kiss a lot of frogs, before you find the princess. … hehe


    1. Kind of…
      I thought of loosening the constraints a little – I could have used only the letters a,d,e,n,o, and t, but allowed myself words which had two of the letters a, d,o and n, which would have meant that they weren’t anagrams of the word detonate. Instead I decided to make it tough on myself 🙂

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