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You tasted like happiness.

Wandering through my WP reader this morning, I turned up some hidden treasure from a poet who goes under the title ofhelplessquips. She wries with skill and passion, and says things which I would like to have said. I’m currently feeling a little envious.

I had trouble deciding which of her poems to reblog, so after reading this one, I recommend that you check out the other work she has written. She’s amazing.


And my tresses were long enough for you to fail at not locking your fingers between them, as i hummed your favorite song while cradling you in my arms because you claimed it was only me who could hit the perfect note, the needed highs the craved for lows, as you graced my collarbones with your lips that curved into a smile slowly with every next peck you placed on the rest of me for hours and hours till stars rejoiced… i swear i made happiness envious of all that i was in those moments.
I swear i could feel her fists clench as she was trapped within my ribs, too bold a structure that night to let her escape. Too bold a structure that night to let her replace herself with misery and grief and regret.
Your fingers on my spine like i was the same old, the same…

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