Both Sour and Sweet


A cheerful fiction with flying reindeer,
sliding down chimneys with his sack of Christmas gifts;

bright.Northern lights, rippling in the night,

the tooth fairy; the Easter bunny;

the saccharin flavour of pink on innocent tongue;

a clown with funny face and bag of magic tricks;

a shimmering desert oasis;

reflections in a lake;

the crinkle around his eyes, carefully selected from a collection of weapons of deceit, marked .“Intimacy, Sincerity”, artfully donned, aimed swiftly at you or me; his inflated self image and frail imitation of Casanova, Errol Flynn, Lord Byron;

all illusion, shrinking fantasy,

sleight of hand,

pretty accidents and angled lies both sour and sweet
to make us smile, behave or gently sleep,

or to take control…

and occasionally

to try to steal our soul.


The Daily Post #Illusion

©Jane Paterson Basil


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