I’m in love with a magnate, a married man.
We try to meet in secret whenever we can.
I’ve got a little sister who is only four,
and I’m ashamed to tell you what she saw
in the park where I met him today —
now I wish that my parents had given her away
as soon as she was born, or at least before
my mother’s new friend came knocking at the door.

Mum introduced us, said “This is Kate,
Kate is the wife of the local magnate.”
Suddenly I didn’t know where to look,
worrying that she could read me like a book.
while little sis’s eyes grew big and round,
and for twenty seconds she uttered no sound,
but she put the thoughts together in her head,
then looking at me this is what she said:

“If he’s a magnet, then my sister is too,
‘cos when they get together they stick like glue.”

The Daily Post #Magnet

©Jane Paterson Basil

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