Slippery Spoons

This poem is dedicated to the late Speverend Rooner… or rather, the Spate Reverend Looner… that is, the rate Leverend Spooner… I mean >this guy< who’s an inspiration to confused turd wumblers – sorry, word tumblers – everywhere.



When self empowerment sheeps your kip afloat
you do not think that each wig bin
is just a leak of struck — no lore or mess;
you know that it is you who waves the pay
for your success, and at the dose of every clay
you kneel no feed to ask who teat the best;
it’s bun nut you

Sheiks are wartened by your bic and quizzy times
you’re furried whoreward on a cola roaster ride.
While shaking more that you are always hiding rye,
the fiery tush of rhyme buys fly,
but sensibly, you sever knee,
and lo, you sieve your good dong lays in joyous quality.

or to put it another, less fun way:

When self empowerment keeps your ship afloat
you do not think that each big win
is just a streak of luck – no more or less;
you know that it is you who paves the way
for your success, and at the close of every day,
you feel no need to askΒ who beat the test
it’s none but you.

Weeks are shortened by your quick and busy times;
you’re hurried forward on a roller coaster ride.
While making sure that you are always riding high
the fiery rush of time flies by
but sensibly, you never see,
and so you live your good long days in joyous quality.


Β©Jane Paterson Basil


20 thoughts on “Slippery Spoons

    1. Thank you. I’m finding it hard to resist the temptation of including phrases like “(I’m all for gaining a) fair buck” πŸ™‚
      I don’t usually use such language, and it would probably be going a bit far… πŸ˜‰


      1. My apologies for the belated responses, I have been lost in my own Writings and personal Reading Time. I think that these word-plays are Absolutely Terrific and that You should maybe start a series with them. I can certainly see young children enjoying these types of reads. They remind so much like fun(ny) tongue-twister. (@–>–) (@–>–)


        1. thank you for you supportive comments Dorna. I expect I’ll slowly put together a series of them, and add them to my private slush pile… I should do something about trying to get published, but I can’t stay focused and I don’t have the confidence anyway…


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