Suspiciously spoony

Help! The ghost of Reverend Spooner has taken me hostage! He told me to post raft dimes… I mean he polled me to toast daft rhymes…

this is all rowing gong… I think I’ll just press the bend Sutton.



Suspicious minds will wail to break down falls,
never knowing it is they who wilt their balls
by dragging their trad sack of of lust fair war they go.

“Woe a gay”, you’ll hear them say
to warp advice from shell meant findly coke,
missing the opportunity to pet yet another girl of wisdom.
If they sayed attention, who can pay –
they fight mind a whiter bray to wet a better girl
in the lakes of Stife.

May this the minor farts of life;
the free kneeling of fight clubs,
boozing with cruddies, binging sad sacky Toyzone bongs —
baking them up meat,
Kate grashing pun farties with fusted trends,
jesting tin and faking maces,
a hate molding your bare whack much hater – Len you’re a sick bunny,
drying on each other’s tresses —
so Benny menefits of peeing in the company of bals.

In stone, a lead and tailing, they follow their own whales
and fee their seams drawl away,
to find a better place to stay.

Or in other words:

Suspicious minds will fail to break down walls,
never knowing it is they who built their walls
by dragging their sad lack of of trust wherefore they go.

“Go away”, you’ll hear them say
to sharp advice from well-meant kindly folk,
missing the opportunity to get yet another pearl of wisdom.
If they paid attention, who can say –
they might find a brighter way to get a better whirl
in the stakes of life.

Fearing that they’ll be the butt of some dark deed or cruel joke
They miss the finest parts of life;
the free feeling of night clubs,
cruising with buddies, singing bad tacky Boyzone songs,
making them upbeat,
gate crashing fun parties with trusted friends,
testing gin and making faces,
a mate holding your hair back much later when you’re a sick bunny,
trying on each other’s dresses —
so many benefits of being in the company of pals.

Instead, alone and failing, they follow their own tails
and see their dreams fall away,
to find a better place to stay.

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©Jane Paterson Basil


14 thoughts on “Suspiciously spoony

            1. Kids… they’re so demanding… all right then, just for you I’ll polish off the third Spooner poem…
              (YES! I get to publish another silly bit of verse, and I can blame someone else if it doesn’t go down well) 😀 😀 😀

              Liked by 1 person

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