A Dash of Arrogance

On final spoonful of silliness in memory of Reverend Spooner… see if you can translate it. Translation below, if you need it.



Beware the arrogant cool
who thinks he’s a fool pastor of the Mac;
a lawn beader.
Lair he weeds is not bare – you’ll want to wee.
He relieves he struts a dash, coyly rutting down the bode,
pushing four poke out the way
like they’re no more than Weeble feeds,
always frying to wind tot Mae West to wee little and B line you
constantly pontificating on some thumb deary,
disregarding tacts and being prude to all who reach Ruth.
Hashing all dope of burning wetter lays.

See he’ll never become bumble until he bees
that each lie has much to gurn,
and each tan has a mess on to leach.
This toes for good women goo;
those who stink deeply, and thaw their wrongest stay warts astray.
To be used at a dater late.

I lope you hike my vert little purse.


Beware the arrogant fool
who thinks he’s a cool master of the pack;
a born leader.
Where he leads is not where you’ll want to be.
He believes he cuts a dash, royally strutting down the road,
pushing poor folk out the way
like they are no more than feeble weeds,
always trying to find what way best to belittle and malign you,
constantly pontificating on some dumb theory,
disregarding facts and being rude to all who preach truth
dashing all hope of learning better ways.

He will never become humble until he sees
that each guy has much to learn,
and each man has lessons to teach.
This goes for most women too;
those who think deeply, and store their strongest stray thoughts away
to be used at a later date.

I hope you like my pert little verse.


The Daily Post #Dash

©Jane Paterson Basil

18 thoughts on “A Dash of Arrogance

        1. No question about it – it’s not much different to being overly houseproud… though back in the day we used to call it perfectionism. Funny how we turn positives into negatives by changing the name 😉

          Liked by 1 person

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