26 thoughts on “America #a 5/7/5 poem

                    1. I’ve known some of their politicians since we were kids… it’s the Green Party. No-one who joins the Green Party in this country will drop their ethics and stay a member – it doesn’t get them anywhere… if they were just looking to be big they’d cross the floor to one of the three major parties in this country. In my area it would be the Liberals. Around here some of them’d sell their souls to gain power. Jeremy Thorpe was the last decent liberal around here, 40 years ago. He made world news when he was set up for a crime he didn’t commit. The liberals dumped him. I became active in local politics about the same time. I know the people. I only wish more of the voters did.
                      Sorry, I ramble when I get onto this country’s politics. You’re lucky – usually when I get onto Jeremy’s sad story I rant for half an hour.

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                    2. lol greatly relieved you shortened it then, thanks .. the Greens here are pretty okay too but people still seem to be mentally locked into voting for the two major exploiting parties … wish they would think a bit deeper 🙂

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                    3. That’s about it. Around here the liberals are the second party. in the run up to the recent election election they had the nerve to send out flyers telling us to vote tactically, rather than voting for the party we preferred.
                      Our elections are ridiculous..

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