I’m finding it hard to stay calm today. If whoever is doing this to me reads this post, no doubt it will give them a lot of satisfaction, or maybe I’ve misunderstood, and it makes no difference to them. If their intentions were other than I believed, I’ve played into their hands.

This isn’t a joke, and it’s not fiction. I feel very isolated right now. It may be paranoia, but I have a feeling that no one can reach me. This would be a personal disaster, and I don’t feel I’ve done anything to deserve it.

I’ll find out soon enough…

It’s odd that the Daily Post came up with this word today, of all days:

©Jane Paterson Basil


40 thoughts on “Disaster

    1. Someone’s sending comments to my site from either borrowed or fake WP sites. They’re personal, from someone who knows my daughter, Laura, but neither of us can figure out wh… I don’t know how much damage they could do.


        1. No. Apparently IPs are no longer unique to one site, and if I did, I’d block a load of other people, and he could change his IP, and blah blah blah. I haven’t had any messages from him today. This stuff came on top of several other nasty events, and I was feeling sensitive, but I’m OK now.


            1. The asshole has published a site with the sole purpose of posting a link which includes a picture of the view from my living room window. Maybe he wants me to think I’m looking over his shoulder. As long as it keeps him entertained it may stop him from bugging someone else.


    1. I got some really helpful advice from the support forum about these weird WP messages. They didn’t bother me much until this week, when he started talking about Laura and the ex who beat her up. It’s obvious that he knows them both. Then yesterday there were no new notifications on my drop-down tab apart from a message from this character – pretending to be someone else, as usual. I knew I should have messages, and sure enough, they on the comments page in my WP admin – they just hadn’t got through. I think it was just a coincidence, but I connected it with this guy, and got paranoid that he may be hacking into my computer. I sorted the messages. They’re coming through now. Paranoia over, but I’m not happy about his massages.

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    1. I get more aware of that as I get older, and the time draws nearer. I reckon I’m one of those people who starts her homework as soon as she gets home from school, then gets bored and has to finish it off at the last minute, but at least I do it… some people never even start. They don’t think there’s going to be a reckoning. 😉


    1. I’m so pleased, Anton. I’ll admit that I’d given up hope. How are you? Not that any doctor’s prognosis is reliable in your case. You seem to have special dispensation – and long may it last.
      I’ve been wanting to tell you how well and happy Laura is. She’s been in recovery for three months, is learning to drive and look after heavy horses, and practicing to become a mechanic. She’s always loved motors. When you told me that she was going to be OK, and began praying for her, you kick-started this. That’s when she reached the point where she wanted to be clean, but your help didn’t finish there. I’ve seen your hand in more recent events.
      How many thanks can one person take? Every day I thank you, and the God that holds you in such high regard.
      My babbling has probably worn you out. Be as well as you can be, you wonderful man. xxx Jane


  1. I’m no saint, Jane, as you well know, just someone God has been very good to. My drs don’t give deadlines any more but I am in reasonable shape per ora. So glad things are going well for Laura and you – whatever you may feel from time to time! God bless. xx Anton.

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    1. I doubt it – all the sites were different, and they looked authentic, but at least one no longer exists, and another one was stripped of its posts the day after the message was sent. They’re all book blogs, and I’ve just read through all the messages below the posts he commented on, and seen what he did. Mostly he copied and pasted comments that I made – things I haven’t mentioned on posts. The son of a b*tch doesn’t know Laura after all! He put in a cryptic comment or two which gave the impression we knew him. What weirdos these trolls are! All that trouble just for a bit of fun at my expense. He must lead a sad life.

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    1. Yes, I’m fine now, thank you for your concern. I’ve got to the bottom of it, and I won’t get caught out again by some sad loser of a troll and his nasty tricks. It’s weird the way some people get their kicks.


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