A New Dawn


Dawn breaks, translucent,
highlighting clean summer hues,
inviting celebratory songbird crescendos
as it tempts dewy buds into bloom.

The World feels renewed,
rinsed clean of all error and sin,
poised at the apex of opportunity,
fragrant with fresh green beginnings
patiently waiting for us to wake
repentant, healed, forgiven and forgiving,
and gently live in blissful harmony.

The early morning news
shatters my happy reverie.

Written for The Daily Post#Harmonize

©Jane Paterson Basil

21 thoughts on “A New Dawn

            1. I stopped reading newspapers in April 1982. Margaret Thatcher committed a war crime when she blew up the retreating Argentinian ship, the Belgrano, killing its crew and signalling the start of the Falklands war. The write-ups in our papers were disgusting and cruel.

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                  1. yes Jane we can jump up and down but unless people actually lost a relative in the conflict they seldom care .. so long as it happened over ‘there’, not ‘here’ at home .. shame on us all 😦

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                    1. One thing I can say for myself – If I’m a patriot of any kind, I’m a patriot of the planet. If a Somalian or someone of any other nation is killed in war it’s the same to me as if it was a Brit. Burn the flags and break down the walls.

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                    2. agreed borders make people do things we should never contemplate … and more civilians die in wars than defence personnel .. it’s only about making money from the weapons, etc 😦

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    1. They must look beautiful growing outdoors – we have to keep them in greenhouses over here. Nothing looks quite as good growing indoors.
      No, the news was just the usual list of world tragedies…

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