Tea Stains






wakes the brain,

gives us momentary gain,

so when we flag, we drink again,

and though we know we should abstain,

as ranting babble grabs full reign

and in our heads a caffeine pain

builds until we feel insane,

and manically we complain,

as we shakily maintain

our pitiful refrain:

addiction is our bane;

must we forsake this bitter grain?


Tea stains,

yet is more fain

to offer gain.


The Daily Post #Tea

©Jane Paterson Basil


26 thoughts on “Tea Stains

  1. Tea, then often another tea then a coffee, though I’m a philistine and it has to be instant as I can’t cope with the ‘real’ stuff, sends my head funny. How do people manage without a little caffeine injection? 🙂

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