Daily Archives: August 23, 2017

Rising #A palindromic poem


becomes all.
Disappear now. Dissipate
whirling dervishes of memory,
drooling demons, teeth-gnashing ogres,
scaly dragons of dread dark.

Grey and gloomy shadows are banished.
Fade, wriggling and slithering nightmares all.
Awakening morning kindles sun.

Light of dawn approaches, silently
silently approaches dawn of light.

Sun kindles morning awakening.
All nightmares, slithering and wriggling, fade.
Banished are shadows, gloomy and grey.

Dark dread of dragons scaly,
Ogres, gnashing teeth, demons, drooling,
memory of dervishes, whirling;
dissipate now; disappear.
All becomes


Note: Palindromic poetry is not true palindrome – the requirement is for the words of the poem to read the same backwards as forwards; not the letters. The pivotal word of this poem is rising – written in italics.

©Jane Paterson Basil