Peace: an exercise in blank verse

I searched for peace inside a hollow room,
where laughing echoes twisted into cries,
and there I curled, my hands wrapped round my head,
until I found the strength to stand again.

I took a pen and wrote my name in blood
extracted from the very heart of me,
then slowly scribed my story on the wall
and as I wrote, the words turned into rhyme.

My messages on concrete changed to wine,
a wine which sweetened daily as I read
the warm replies you penned in dappled hues
that blotted out the dirt of times gone by.

As moon will fade and sun will take its place,
you led me out of darkness into day,
you gave me strength and helped to ease the pain,
and now I fight the demons as they rise.

This is an exercise in blank verse – I couldn’t resist this anarchic take on the prompt. However, having completed it, I realise I don’t enjoy writing blank verse, apart from the fun of playing with iambic pentameter. 

©Jane Paterson Basil

18 thoughts on “Peace: an exercise in blank verse

            1. Ok.
              I’m thrilled with this iambic pentameter thang – I’ve been meaning to have a proper go at it for a while. We’ve got a local by election coming up, and I’ve been out campaigning with the Greens. It’s got me all excited, which has the knock-on effect of making me want to push the boundaries of my poetry.

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                    1. Haha! You’re as daft as me! Here’s a start:
                      The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
                      The Incredible String Band
                      The Adverts
                      The Sex Pistols (a bit obvious)
                      Polly Styrene (though she’s not a band)
                      The Android Sisters
                      Jilted John

                      Then there’s bands like The Jam, The Clash, and the Stranglers, which seemed weird at the time…

                      You can find loads if you Google ‘silly band names’, but I had a quick look, and although some of them are hilarious, I’d never heard of any of them. The ones above all had hits in the UK. I had a friend whose band was called Cheeky Bouquet – inspired by the well known description of certain wines; “it has a cheeky bouquet.” Paul Weller, from the Jam, became a music agent, and he signed them up, but he got them to change their name to Optimax. I preferred Cheeky Bouquet.

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