Not to Conquer

They come —

not to conquer;

not with guns and bombs,

or greedy eyes that

seek to steal our

forefathers’ land

and conceal it beneath

steel and concrete monstrosities

squeezing the people into

arid corners, as our




They come —

not to conquer,

but to escape the

place of death

and hate.

They come —

not to conquer,

but simply

to live.

They come —

finite bodies

suffering and dying

that some may find

a better life.

They arrive

hungry and broken —

so let them in.


<> <> <>

©Jane Paterson Basil

25 thoughts on “Not to Conquer

        1. Yes. Being British, I have no idea where my roots are – my ancestors may have been Saxon, Viking or Roman, or all of the above and more. It’s unlikely I’m pure bred. I don’t consider that I have the right to claim ownership of the country of my birth, though I have a responsibility to do my best to care for its ecology, for future generations – wherever they may hail from.


    1. That’s brilliant. I can’t think of a better choice of singer, and as for the song, It should be sung during history lessons in schools throughout America.
      Buffy St. Marie is one of the inspirational women of our time. Ive’ admired her since she burst onto the UK music scene with Soldier Blue. I only realised yesterday that Universal Soldier was written by her too… but I believe it was banned in the US.

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