The King of the beasts knows
earth’s devastation
falls far beyond the reach of his dominion.
He gazes up, a humble supplication
more compelling than human prayer.


The Caribbean has been hit by Hurricane Irma, so Michelle, who lives in Antigua, has more urgent matters on her mind than her weekly photo prompt. Antigua has come off comparatively lightly, and is doing all it can to help Barbuda, her sister island, which has been devastated.

The scale of damage wrought by this year’s extreme worldwide weather conditions is unprecedented, and too overwhelming to take in, but my thoughts go out to all those who have been, and are being affected.

I didn’t manage to check out last week’s challenge until this morning, and when I looked at the image, it spoke to me; the lion’s expression seemed so eerily appropriate to both the climactic and political difficulties of this planet.

In addition to linking to picture prompt, I have tagged to Michelle’s more urgent post concerning Antigua and Barbuda. For anyone wishing to make a donation to the Barbuda relief fund, there is an essential link on the post.

©Jane Paterson Basil

23 thoughts on “Supplication

  1. Hurricanes happen yearly, often in places the western media mostly ignores. When they hit the coastline of SE USA it’s a big event, of machiavellian proportion. When my wife’s house in Philippines is destroyed, it barely rates a paragraph in the newspaper. Same when it’s Bangladesh, or elsewhere. It’s an electrical universe.

    Cheers Jamie

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    1. I’m aware of how the media designs its pecking order. The Philippines always get a rough deal, and as for India, Nepa[ and Bangladesh…
      Without even knowing it, so many people think that ethnicity and the amount of suffering to which a country is accustomed, dictates the scale of the disaster.
      The link you sent didn’t work – have you got a couple of search terms so I can Google it?


      1. Ohhh, that’s too bad. It’s a geographical thing that Google and Youtube impose on us. It’s you will have to dig for today’s post. He, Ben, is a very good weather and sun expert. He has a Youtube channel but don’t know whether you can get it in UK? Cheers Jamie

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        1. That’s a lovely thing to say to someone who has a tendency to live inside her mind. I’m only able to take in snatches of outside information as I’m so involved with threads of thought, and I have to write down the threads, or many of them remain incomplete.

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  2. My mind went somewhere else when I looked at that picture. To Aslan. I found myself pondering it in a different way… It was so good to hear from Michelle and know they are all well. Here’s hoping it’s the end of this rash of weather for them.

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    1. It was a relief to know that Michelle and her family were safe.

      “Wrong will be right, when Aslan comes in sight,
      At the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no more,
      When he bares his teeth, winter meets its death,
      And when he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again.”

      If only it were so…

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