Peace #2

peace symbol.png

One word,

spoken by the gentle,

whispered in prayer by quiet souls of faith,

breathed into the air by those who hold out human hope,

sobbed and gasped and beseeched

by the oppressed.

One word, a wish issued

by imploring lips that speak for

you and me, its plea reaching across

the dipping curves and stretched flats of

our burdened planet as it struggles

for its next breath.

One word which will not

be choked back or swallowed by the

butt of a gun pressed into the

tender necks of the


One word whose meaning

we must never forget, whose need

we must understand, no matter

what language

we speak.

One word articulated

by each race and every loving creed.

One word that could

change the


One word:



Although my intentions are good, I don’t always remember to credit those who inspire my posts. This post was inspired a beautiful post written by Tinasharma.

Those of you who know Raili, will also know about her Steps for Peace. Every day she puts a peace-inspiring quote at the bottom of her post. I wanted to join Raili in doing something to promote peace, and this post has given me an idea. At the bottom of each of my posts, I will write the word Peace in a different language, and I’ll try to learn to say that word in every language I can. It carries the most important message I can impart to any stranger.

My passion for words has been known to carry me away. In case I sometimes forget to carry out my promise, I apologise in advance.

My first Word for Peace is in Hindi:



I wrote this post before I saw Reena’s Exploration Challenge for this week, but it fits the requirements perfectly, so I’ve linked it to her post, which is well worth checking out – maybe you’d like to join in. These are the two images she has used to inspire our writing:



©Jane Paterson Basil

30 thoughts on “Peace #2

  1. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and if I tell you the truth I am so glad that I could read a person who writes her heart and wishes for peace.
    My love and best wishes to you 🙂
    Lets spread the word of PEACE.

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  2. Peace, on this planet is my wish before I go, I’m getting olderer, so best they all hurry to achieve my wish !! “Every little peaceful brushstroke for peace, helps cover our big pot with peace” Well done Jane…

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    1. If, back in the ’70s, I had seen into the future I’d have found it hard to believe that we could make such a mess of it all. Those days were so full of hope, and I’m grabbing hold of that hope again. Cynics can say what they like, but if we don’t try, we’ll never succeed.

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  3. Jane, this is beautiful. Thank you so much for including me in your post, and for joining those of us who are on the Blogging Peace Wagon, each in our own way. What a lovely way to honour and spread the word about Peace – by using the word itself! Shanti, shanti, shanti…. Here is my Finnish contribution to your list: Rauha –
    here is how to pronounce it –

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    1. Thank you! I’m so grateful to learn that. He holds a special place in my heart. That man is a miracle in himself, and played a large part in the miracles that have occurred in my recent life.


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