Indomitable # a poem

Filleigh - Castle_Hill_viaduct.jpg

Standing on the window ledge polishing the glass,
petrified pedestrians staring at my ass.
Don’t think about the pavement thirty feet below;
hang on to the window frame and don’t let go.
When the windows are clean, the battle is won;
you call it risky but I call it fun.

The disused viaduct is surprisingly high,
If I was to plummet I would surely die.
The protective fence is no wider than my shoe –
close your eyes tight if I am scaring you.
Ten steps to go, and I’m feeling driven,
you call it madness but I call it living.

Lying in the park in the middle of the day,
just around the corner from the kids at play.
Frankie is practicing his knife-throwing skill;
every near miss is giving me a thrill.
Watching his smile as he hovers above;
You call it dangerous but I call it love.

Image of Castle Hill Viaduct. At some point before I moved to the area – in my teens, a fence was built along each edge of the bridge, to make it ‘safe’.

©Jane Paterson Basil

14 thoughts on “Indomitable # a poem

    1. What can I say? It rhymed – and that is the part of me that passers by could see, all those years ago when I used to climb out of my mother-in-law’s attic window to clean it. She was furious when she finally found out how I kept that glass so clean…

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            1. Not from where I stand. I’m getting sick of women making a fuss about the odd – often accidental – inappropriate remark, when far greater crimes are committed and ignored. A woman who’s been gang-raped would be pretty upset to hear another woman making a fuss about being called a babe.
              I have a friend who’s been ranting today about misogyny, as if men are the only culprits, and women are without guilt. Have you ever heard the Tammy Wynette song, “Stand by your man”? It’s a great example of the sexist attitude of women, but I don’t hear anyone complaining about that. I’ve just discovered that it’s called misandry.
              Bet you weren’t expecting an essay from me 🙂

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              1. We live in a generation where the response of a heartfelt message is just “K”. So it feels refreshing that somebody is old school like me and yeah feminazis do really suck now. They gotta handle real issues like condition of Muslim women in Arab countries, female infanticide prevalent in countries like India,instead all they do is cry and whine about us men being misogynistic. Glad to know not all have been corrupted by this thought. See, if it’s Harvey Weinstein I would totally support the anger but I have seen ladies bursting of me if I accidentally call the “aunt” .

                Welcome to “Save our Boys Club” and by the way my name is Siddharth. Nice meeting you grandma

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                1. K 🙂

                  It’s good to meet you, Siddarth. I thought that name originated in Wales, so I Googled it and learned that it’s an Indian name which means “accomplished goal”.
                  Respect to you. I think you’ve got your priorities right – not that you’ll be listened to these days, since you’re a man.

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