A Thought

You can’t reach
prunish age without a few
cracks and bruises,
and you can’t
protect your children.

We tell our tales,
then cheerfully say,
“the breakages
shaped who I became.”

This is true,
yet who among us
wants our children to
suffer the pain
that we went through
on the way
to where we are today?

I think of you,
an extended picture of youth,
yet I
see the wounds.

I could say
my arms were full
of food for the hungry,
of balm for the lame.
I could say there
were too many places,
too few of me
but you needed me too.

While I know
you don’t blame me;
don’t even know
that you’re broken,
I wish that I’d
held you more carefully,
and when you fell, mended you
more skilfully.


©Jane Paterson Basil

26 thoughts on “A Thought

  1. Oh Jane, I know our circumstances are different, but I often think the same”😆, I wish I was more skillful at caring, especially those early years of mental turmoil that we both suffered, and I always felt I could’ve done more, always those lingering doubts. And lots of my earlier poems are about my guilt complexs. .. Leonard’s all over Montreal, see link below. . ◇

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    1. those feeling of guilt and inadequacy are natural. I’m sure you did all that you could. It must have been hard, unexpectedly having to come to terms with becoming a carer for the woman you loved. When you ake those marriage vows, although you run through the words (in sickness and in health) you don’t expect it to happen so soon. You have an entirely different set of expectations.


                    1. That makes two of us… Don’t forget; like most of the world, where you are, everyone drives on the right side of the road. That is the wrong side. We, on the other hand, drive on the right side, which is the left side. xx


                    2. You could try a cotton pad with a few drops of an essential oil that helps with focus and concentration, placed somewhere near the car heater/air conditioner, so you can smell it… Rosemary, Pine, Juniper, Peppermint and Basil are all good, but there a several others.
                      Or you can forget I mentioned it – most people do… 😉


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