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The Dance of Life #a poem


Breezes awaken you from brief sleep.
Practising your moves, you tiptoe through damp meadows,
arms outstretched to greet a pastel promise.
Reaching the forest, you breathe deep, inhaling
nature’s fragrant secrets, pulled from deep beneath the fertile earth
Fresh buds swell, as yellow blooms nod a welcome.
Briefly, you grieve the loss of winter’s snowdrops —
then you pirouette,
dipping and spinning in graceful ballet,
every call in your body celebrating
the first high day of Spring.
Out of sight, the Green Man watches you with a blithe smile.

Soon, rambling roses bloom, taking their place
amidst a fragrant profusion of hedgerow beauty.
The heat of the sun exhausts the energy of air,
stealing its wish to cool your face.
Your celebratory dance decelerates
to become a lazy waltz toward Autumn.
The Green Man watches you with a gentle smile.

An excited wind whips failing leaves from trees,
reminding us that all things have their season,
filling you with a need to make haste before sleep.
This is the time to jive, kicking your legs high,
making copper and bronze confetti fly
as you celebrate your sentient state
in the rich planetary scheme.
The Green Man watches you with a kindly smile.

The ground freezes where recent flowers
raised their heads.
Berries wait to feed the winter birds.
Hidden deep, small creatures hibernate;
not all will survive.
The year is passing fast; as night approaches,
you take your place for a different dance.
As you match your tired steps to the romance
of the last waltz,
you are content in the knowledge
that the Green Man watches over you still,
a loving smile dancing across leafy lips.

Image: The late Laurie Wedge, the Tall Green Man of Pilton. Laurie was lifted to greener pastures in February 2016. Wherever else he may be, he lives in fond memories xxx

©Jane Paterson Basil