It used to feel
      like they floated
          from the mild sky
             blowing dust motes
              their music 
          the holes in my mind;
        rhythmic beauty
      gently injected by
      a generous entity
       tripping through
          the very heart of me.

                Has my writing putrified
                  or have I become a better judge?
                  When I review my newer words
                 all I see is sludge.

©Jane Paterson Basil

12 thoughts on “Putrified

  1. I think it’s a common feeling… as you get better at something the more readily you can see imperfections. Or maybe you’re just being hard on yourself 🙂 I always love your shape poetry. Pretty in words and form.

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  2. Yes, the more we write, the more we think we’re betterer than before, but really it’s just our techniques that improve. Our ideas and philosophies don’t change too much over time. But I agree, sometimes our thoughts don’t flow as easily as they used too, and there could be heaps of different reasons……. However every now and then, I go into periods of writing, when the words flow like a gentle cascade, and there could be heaps of reasons for this too…. So I suppose it’s all just like life, sit back, relax, and take the good with the bad…..

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    1. “The words flow like a gentle cascade.” I know what you mean. Unfortunately, mine are crashing like a landslide at the moment. I keep writing horrendous, stuff about addiction, and not posting it, since it’s so angry. Meanwhile, some of the people I love the most are grieving yet another senseless loss.


      1. Ah, and I know about those angry posts, and yes, they can be horrendous.. Thankfully I haven’t done any for a while yet.😐. Sounds like you’re confused, and frustrated and havig guilt complexs about your inability to say something worthwhile. Too many jumbled and intense thoughts inside your head at the moment. Hopefully your brains adrenaline rush will slow down it’ll untangle itself !!

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  3. Haha, two heads are betterer than one. I haven’t done any perusing of my reader for a couple of days. Have been busy being Ivor the Plumber. Did a 12 hour day yesterday, and like a very worn out plumber early this morning. But not working today and catchup on blogging, and maybe go out for lunch..

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    1. Enjoy – I’ll probably be having a birthday supper (it’s my sister’s birthday – she’s not really my sister, but that’s how we see each other) around about the time you’re having lunch xx


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