Boulders and Daisies



You hustled a one-way ticket to hell,
hopping heavily aboard the chugging train,
smutty snow dripping down shrinking lanes,
tripping its way into cellular recesses
sifting your sight and your senses like sand.

Love and ribboned opportunities
jumbled up with rusty maybe-memories,
stuttered on the hollow horizon.
Blinded by the back end of a telescope,
all you perceived were burning trees.

You regretted the leathery ticket to hell,
and bravely you leaped from the trickety train.
Bruised by boulders and freed from near-misses,
the broken pieces were soldered with kisses
and you bathed in the cleansing rain.

This video is visually poor, but I like the sound. Beatlemania was a weird phenomenon – the fans made so much noise that they drowned out what they had paid to hear…

©Jane Paterson Basil

14 thoughts on “Boulders and Daisies

    1. Thank you. It struck me that when you buy a one-way ticket to somewhere, then change your mind, you can always jump off the train. That’s what Laura and Paul have done.
      Maybe I should have posted “Walking back to Happiness”, rather than “Ticket to Ride”.

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  1. A one-way ticket to hell? Love and rehab is what God is about. Hell is a product of the mind. Our karma dictates the next life. Hell as such, may exist? It all depends on re-birth, perhaps? In this life, it is the mind that makes hell? If one is a Christian? That concept is used to keep the population in line. Fear of hell. Demons are probably real and here on Earth with us as we write. Fear is what the demons want. They feed on our fear. Universal love is what demons fear. They cannot deal with that. Peace and love.

    Railways, steel wheels on steel track. Means friction is difficult to achieve. Going up and down mountains is difficult. The grade of the track, has to be around 2% to provide the most efficient rail travel. That’s what the builder McCulloch, was charged with. To achieve, with the trans-Canada line. Grade no more than 2%, through B.C. to the coast. Cheers Jamie.

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    1. Maybe it should have been “a one way ticket to degrading death”, but Hell fitted better and is easily understood. I don’t believe that “sinners” burn eternally in Hell. Karma? I’m not sure. Maybe, or are there lessons we all have to learn in order to reach… Nirvana? Exaltation?
      I have a theory; that my Laura, and I have history in one or more previous lives; one of us did a terrible disservice to the other – I think it was me. We were placed together in this life to learn to love and care for each other. If so, we learned our lessons well. I might also have known two of my other current children in a previous life, but my eldest daughter was not known to me before – she’s here to oversee and offer earthly wisdom. Other people have come into purposeful play in this life. Sadly, several of them died prematurely. To some, this would sound like the ravings of a madwoman.

      In the UK, too many of our railway lines were removed in the late ’60s or early ’70s. Sadly, they will never be replaced. Everyone who can afford it has a car, and goods are transported by truck. Our public transport system is a joke. It’s all wrong.


      1. Yup I understand poetic license, for sure. Will not miss an opportunity to get up on my soap box. Too many of those rail lines have been ripped up in Canada too. The steel from those lines were made pre-atomic era. So are free of radioactive material. Steel was polluted by radioactive isotopes in 1980’s as the hospital junked machinery, with them in. The public transportation is as you write, a cruel joke. On humanity.

        Who knows where we come from? Or where we go? It’s what we do today, that is relevant. Cheers Jamie.


  2. very nicely done Jane, as always, got the mind chugging away. Not a big believer in Hell myself, believe we bring that on ourselves with our perceptions…ego, etc….love just being….trying to keep on the cool side as opposed to the hot side of that not nice place ❤

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      1. Nothing wrong with it, hell is where you find yourself in darkness, oft times self induced…although not on purpose….we swim in the mire of shadows, anything from ego to listening to the voices that speak in the negative, it’s an easy slip to get there, the trick is realizing and rising above and out😊

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        1. True. I’m constantly working on that, and getting better all the time., but it’s easy for me to say that, now that my two addicted children are in recovery, and life is far less frightening.
          In fact, my life is wonderful 🙂

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