Spent a long time waiting for the coming of age,
waiting to wake with the wisdom of a sage,
waiting for patience to replace teenage rage,
waiting for childishness to disengage.

It creeps up slowly and you’re never done
with learning life’s lessons one by one.
As the last one ends, another’s begun
and soon you know that it’s part of the fun.

Life is awash with pleasure and pain,
it’s an oddly constructed, uneven chain;
some links are intricate, while others are plain,
some look too delicate to take the strain.

Whatever the condition of your current link,
whether it is flimsy or folded by a kink,
this could pass far faster than you think;
the blink of an eye might find you in the pink.


Make the most of your talents each day,
never be fazed by what doubters say;
don’t let temptation lead you astray;
live your life in your own unique way.

©Jane Paterson Basil

16 thoughts on “Chain

      1. I must be too well recovered, I’m up doing the washing, vacuuming the floors, chinging the bed linen, and even dusting !! Hehe, finish it all early, then the rest of Sunday is mine, blogging and writing, and might even start my Christmas cards …

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