Ivor plumbs the depths
    seeking out the sneaky leaks;
        master of the pipes.

Ivor plumbs the depths
    working away with a wrench;
        prince of the porcelain.

Ivor plumbs the depths
    leaving sink fittings gleaming;
        king of the kitchen.

Ivor plumbed the depths.
    In the fresh, peaceful evening
        our hero can rest.

Written in a whimsical mood, for my lovely friend Ivor, who is not so green as he’s cabbage-like – an old saying from the North of England, meaning he’s not stupid.

©Jane Paterson Basil

25 thoughts on “Ivor

  1. Nice one Jane, I think”😄 King Of The Kitchen, is my fav, seems to be forte these days, both at work and at home. although I can be a master of the pipes at my best, I’m happy, as long as I get my hot scones, strawberry jam and cream at morning tea-break xx

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    1. Thank you for your concern, Ivor. I’m OK, but I can’t focus on writing or reading. There’s been yet another heroin OD this week. I feel as, after many years of addiction, if my two younger children were grabbed from the jaws of death. I’m overwhelmed with a mixture of feelings – mostly gratitude and confusion. It’s been an eventful year and nothing feels quite real.
      To stay focused on something I’m knitting and doing difficult number games, but I promise I’ll pull myself together at some point xx


        1. None of us knew the latest victim, but there have been too many over the past few weeks. One of my son’s friends briefly thought it was him. Paul had to ring round to make sure the rumour hadn’t reached any of us. He’s staying strong, and we’re all well xxx


  2. What a lovely ode! Very sweet, Jane. What’s going on with the addicts in your area at the moment? Some different kind of drug? Contamination perhaps? Frightening to think what might have been, but wonderful for your family to be away from all those horrors. Keep on knitting, you’ll work your way through. x

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    1. The city gangs have captured the market. When the police catch them, more are sent down by train. It’s likely that the heroin coming down from London is laced with Fentanyl, a far more lethal (and profit-making) drug than H. In parts of the US there are now more deaths from that than heroin, and over here, warnings have been going out for months. The dealers say the fatalities are proof of “how good” their product is.
      Paul believes that if he did heroin again, he’d die. He finally understands mortality.

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      1. It’s terrifying, Jane. I can’t comprehend how people who peddle this stuff sleep at night. Knowing what they sell kills people – appalling. Such a relief your Paul is away from all that now

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