Goodbye, 2017


Goodbye 2017. I thank you with all my heart. The twenty-first century was hard for me until you came along, but you have given me all that I could have asked for. Finally, my family is whole again, and I thank you for all that you have done for us. Tonight, before I drink to 2018, I will raise a toast to you. I will never forget, or take for granted, the good things you brought to me. You gave me a future to look forward to. I now place my trust in the year that follows.

©Jane Paterson Basil


43 thoughts on “Goodbye, 2017

    1. 2017 ended dramatically for my two younger children, whose dad was rushed into hospital by ambulance yesterday afternoon. His illness, although excruciatingly painful, will be cured easily, and he might go home tomorrow. The upside of it, for him is that he has shingles, and is now on morphine for the new condition, so he’s out of pain for the first time in over a year.
      Wishing you oceans of joy throughout 2018 xx


      1. All’s well then 😊. I remember a few years ago I had to take my dad to hospital on new years eve, it was all quite a drama, but finally got him a bed in emergency and the Doctor and nurses were wonderful, his problems were many, he was eventually comfortable and asleep and I was able to still go to my NYE party, albeit I was late. 😁. Hope you were still able to enjoy your new year xx

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        1. I had a lovely night, thanks Ivor. It was worrying at first; it’s too early in my kids’ recovery for them to have tragedy in their lives, but Laura drove 100 miles to see him and picked up my son on the way to the hospital. They spent some time there, and came back reassured that it would be OK. Thank goodness Laura’s fiance was sober, and could drive – everyone else had been drinking. Laura saw the New Year in with Dave’s family down here, and when I got back from the party I’d been to, she was waiting for me. They stayed the night – an unexpected bonus.
          Hope your celebrations were as much fun as mine 🙂 xx


                  1. Well done Jane, I hope you have success with your new healthy lifestyle, and able to fit into your mother of the bride wedding dress, sounds like a great bargain 😆 I’m often at my local MS charity shop looking for a bargain. It’s a bit sad, but we don’t have a OxFam shop in Geelong. 😊 I’m on a health program too, have been doing 20mins of morning exercises every day for 5 weeks now, and cutting back on my “food” intake 😃

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                    1. I’ve been telling myself that I’ll start taking exercise in the mornings, but I’m on medication that makes me sluggish for several hours after I wake up. Maybe when I’m used to the sugar-free diet I’ll have more energy…


                    2. I know that sluggish feeling. My neuralgia pain medication did the same, but I got so tired of feeling that way, I decided to push myself to a full exercise regime, to help me to ease the pain. Into sixth week now, have stopped taking my Lyrica tablets, I’m losing weight (slowly) and feeling stronger and healthier., and I’m stubbornly determined to keep going, and may even get back to playing golf again, the terrible neck pain would not allow me to play… 😆 Although I’m feeling quite stiff and sore this morning, yesterday I was on the roof and crawling around in the ceiling laying insulation wool bats on the ceilings. Still some more to do this morning, but should be finished by lunchtime. 😊 😊… Overall I’m very pleased with the results of my exercises, and although I still have some pain sometimes, it’s not nearly as severe as it used to be. Xx 😊

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                    3. Wear are tear on number 3 & 4 vertebrae, damaged cartilages and of course arthritis has set in, but as they say, you’ve got to keep using it. Ah, just finished laying my insulation bats, wow, I’m getting old , that was hard work.

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                    4. Sounds nasty. Neuralgia is something that can only be helped with painkillers, isn’t it?

                      I get a pain behind my right eyeball. It’s not severe, but I wonder if it’s the same thing…


                    5. Occipital is the name of the nerve that goes from my vertebrae over the top of my head to the back of my eye, and it’s the arthritic inflammation that squashes the nerve and generates the pain. So anything that helps the arthritis is of benefit to me, exercises, physiotherapy, acupuncture, etc, as I continue to try anything that seems to help. 😊

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        1. I took the first one last Friday, when I gave up sugar, and then last night, when Laura and Dave stayed, Dave and I stayed up talking I love that she’s marrying my friend – and he suggested I should apply to the housing association for a transfer to a bungalow, so I’d have my own garden. If \i do it, it will have to wait until after the wedding..

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