The Fabric of a Life


What size is a life?
Laid out flat how many miles
would all the thoughts, desires and acts,
the books you read, the things you said,
the mental images in your head
stretch across the sky?

Would missed opportunities leave gaps
through which the stars would shine at night?

And when your time has come to die,
does this fabric that you made
slowly crumble day-to-day
as those who knew you forge ahead,
and memories slowly fade away,
till loved ones join you with the dead?

Or does it stay forever fresh,
existence caught within a mesh,
never seen but ever present,
evoking all you represent.

For good or evil are you there,
invisible and unaware,
your history weaving in the air
amid the billions gone before,
in age and infancy, peace and war?

And if the atmosphere retains
all those thoughts in all those brains
eternally, to never leave,
are you in the air we breathe?

Do all the joys and all the pains,
all the losses, all the gains,
all the errors, all the wisdom,
all the strengths and inhibitions
invoke a change in our decisions?


©Jane Paterson Basil


36 thoughts on “The Fabric of a Life

  1. Jane, I love this. I have these very same thoughts that you so eloquently describe. You are always a good writer but you are clearly channeling your grief into glorious words. I am sorry for your grief but not for your words.

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  2. Put in the best manner yet in a simple way that can resonate heart and soul both simultaneously..
    From the past to an unknown future…its a beautiful replica of what one perceives deep within…so loved this Jane🤗😊


  3. This is awesome, Jane 🙂 I particularly like ‘Would missed opportunities leave gaps
    through which the stars would shine at night?’ That’s a n awful lot of gaps, but then, there’s an awful lot of lives out there!

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  4. A wondrous poem, so many dizzy questions, awesome thoughts of where life may finish, and challenging ideas about whether our existence was purposeful and somewhere lives on. Amazing piece Jane.

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                    1. Yep, I’ll take plenty of pic’s, I’ve been on one other cruise, around New Zealand, 3 years ago. Before that I never had a chance to travel, being at home with Carole for 30 years. So I’m looking forward to another excursion. !!

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                    2. It really is a beautiful place… we(Hmmm ex-girl-f) visited 7 Ports(day tours), and sailed up the Milford Sound, officially one the most scenic experience in the world. !!

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        1. I’ve just spent a long weekend with my son in the house I shared with my ex, while we started clearing it. Your beautifully simple explanation is about as much as my zonked-out brain can take in 🙂


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