Candid Camera.

This is just a quickie, if you’ll pardon the pun…


She couldn’t resist what she saw
when she gazed at her brother-in-law.
He slipped her a key
thinking no-one would see
through a solid wood bedroom door.

But sometimes walls contain eyes
that record our deceit and our lies.
Their passion was brief
and their randy relief
preceded a nasty surprise.

A candid camera had caught ‘er
doing what she didn’t aughta.
her behaviour so lewd
was what started the feud
with her mother’s other daughter.


©Jane Paterson Basil


46 thoughts on “Candid Camera.

                1. They’re coping well, especially when you consider that their dad died over a fortnight ago, and his funeral is still two weeks away. The crematorium has to cater to a large population, and the bodies are piling up.


                    1. I’m anxious about my son, who has to find somewhere to live, and I’m worried about the house clearance – Paul’s having trouble letting go of his dad’s things, and there are all sorts of other complications which I can’t speak of on a public site. I’m fine otherwise. I know it will all be OK in the end.


                    2. It is, but it will be good for him to move on, and having to take adult steps will build his confidence. Mike was horrendous. He only ever did whatever he felt like doing. He could be kind or cruel. He broke promises, told lies, offered what he knew wasn’t required, refused what was needed and easy to give, he pampered and bullied. He refused to take me to hospital when I was seriously ill, yet offered me lifts when I preferred to save fuel and catch a bus. He needed to always be in control, and to feel superior. He was Paul’s role model, so Paul learned some of his tricks – though not all. Despite all that, Paul has a compassionate nature, and he’s fragile. Now he’s free to become a man, at 30. My poor boy…


                    3. Oh Jane, I sincerely hope that he takes his adult steps into rest of his life, at 30 he’s got a lot of wonderful years ahead of him. And I’m glad you’re going ok too.😊xx

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      1. Do you love it that the daily prompt, over two hours late today, was “tardy?” I had to contact them and see if it was on purpose.. Just had to know. A tech is checking up on it now. (I”d reported it to them at 10 that it still wasn’t posted.)

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        1. Ha ha – I missed that. I made the mistake of posting a poem on the writer’s site that I joined last year (and have ignored for months – so I’ve been pretty tardy, too). There was a lot to catch up on.


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