carrot-33625__340Why do people walk so slow,
Ain’t they got no place to go?
They won’t let me forge ahead –
a mist descends in specks of red.

They strut along with bags and thighs,
then turn and look me in the eyes.
A gap appears, but far too narrow
to fit the smallest autumn marrow.

They gasp to see their small mistake
and every inch they quickly take.
“Let me past,” I boldly cry,
“or face a deadly duel, and die.”

They pay no heed, but mockingly
slow their pace and grin with glee.
I face them with my trusty carrot,
but turnip tops are all they’ve got.

Do you think I have no chance
as I begin my fighting dance?
“Why, two on one?” you brashly say;
I’ll give you two on one today.

They stand their ground, and face me bravely.
My carrot makes them into gravy.
My goodness, what a sorry sight…
I raise my carrot, take a bite.

Rage and vengeance; both are red –
it’s time to hurry home for bed.

©Jane Paterson Basil

14 thoughts on “Red

    1. Keep one in your handbag. You can use it for self defence or to distract a Stonkiebungle who strays from his home under the bridge and tries to steal your hat – as long as he’s vegetarian. If he’s carnivorous you can use it to attract a kangaroo. Stonkiebungles eat kangaroo – or they would if there was such an animal
      Carrots also make a tasty snack when you’re waiting for a bus on a road that goes nowhere.
      You guessed it – I’m feeling a little crazy tonight…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Please – not celery – anything but celery. That was the most dreaded weapon of the French Foreign Legion. You’re welcome to block my path… would you like me to carry your bags?

      Votre French… um… puts mine to… how you say… la honte… ?

      Liked by 1 person

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