Bus Driver


Dear driver, you
don’t know me;

Maybe you dislike
your job and your wife,
you might even hate your life, but that
is no excuse for the fuming stare which says
“I despise you.”

You block my smile, your expression suggesting that you consider me a minor criminal. If you think this is not a designated bus stop just say so, or check with your boss. You’ll find you are wrong, while to continue in ignorance is an unwise mistake to make.

Meanwhile, why not try a compromise;
stop treating passengers like undesirable wasps
to be stomped on by your
callous eyes.

Don’t you know
that very day you make the world a little colder
for yourself, as well as for others?

Do you like being a lonely island?

Friendliness should be high on the list of priorities when hiring bus drivers. At the very least, it could be part of their training.

I used to insinuate myself
between the bars of barbed little fences such as yours,
persuading snickering scorpions to be
more amicable, but recently,
I’ve run out of energy.

It’s time for folks like you
to get wise to your public duty
and treat passengers more like friends.

©Jane Paterson Basil

34 thoughts on “Bus Driver

  1. I enjoyed this, I suffer from panic attacks and stress and bus drivers, plus passengers, really raise my stress levels. This post resonated with me and some of my own experiences of public transport travel.

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  2. I love friendly bus drivers, they make my day. So sorry about this experience of yours. I’ve read that research shows what makes people most depressed is bad commute. Such a shame!

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        1. Our local bus drivers used to be lovely, then a second bus company muscled in and it created a feud between rival drivers. They were all friendly towards the passengers, but since the more recent company took over there’s been bad feeling. Maybe the drivers get a rough deal from their employers and they take it out on us.

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  3. I travel by bus a lot Jane, and understand your unsavoury encounter, and yes, even way down here in little old Geelong we have a couple of rotten eggs in the basket. I always wonder why that sort of person gets hired in a job where people friendliness should be a prerequisite, and I think the bus company is just as much to blame …. Other than a grumpy bus-driver, how are you going over there. xx

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    1. How am I? I don’t know. I feel like I’m going crazy. There’s too much too think about and too much to do. Emotions are running high, and tonight I learned that I’ve upset one of my daughters. She totally misunderstood something I said a week ago, and it’s causing me physical pain, but it’s too late at night to put the record straight.

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  4. We have some pretty grotty bus drivers in Bristol, ones who won’t acknowledge you if you give them a ‘thanks’ as you get off the bus – in fact, that’s more common a response than friendliness. Though, to be honest some of the crappy people you see on the bus, I’m not surprised if they get hardened to the general public – rude, argumentative (even if they’re in the wrong), drunk, abusive. My other half was on a bus one night when someone pulled a knife on the driver. When you have that as part of your day every day, I’m sure it erodes your manners. Nice drivers do stand out.

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