Commitments and decisions
swirl in a simmering curry of confusion.
Bubbles pop, spices sting the eyes.
Exhaustion blurs the colours
into sludge, sprinkled
with thrilling spots of glitter.
I dare not explore the flavours
or add the smallest a dash of doubt;
it is my duty
simply to cook each course to perfection,
not ignoring a single side-dish.

©Jane Paterson Basil

19 thoughts on “Exhaustion

  1. Ah, Jane, time has rushed upon us – didn’t realise the big day was this weekend. I will honestly be thinking of you all, be sending all my good thoughts and wishes, hoping – knowing – you will have the best of days together. Enjoy it all – then enjoy the rest afterwards! Much love

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        1. They went to Cornwall for a week, where Laura managed to do some sunbathing! They were going to Wales next, but they stopped off at their home in Bristol yesterday, and I don’t know if they are in Wales now

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            1. The secret is to expect the unexpected. but then it becomes the expected, which could change everything. They didn’t expect the Spanish inquisition – at least, the Monty Python team didn’t – but it happened anyway. Maybe if they’d been on the lookout for it, it would have fizzled out without anyone getting hurt 🙂

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              1. They were too powerful to avoid, sadly. They felt the world needed cleansing and we’re all in trouble when powerful people think that way. Glad you caught the sun while it lasted 🙂

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