Wedding Photos

For those who wanted to see some official photograph of my daughter’s wedding:


The welcome
Oh no! she’s signing something
Yay! We did it!
It’s raining hearts
The look of love


Laura’s halo seems to have slipped…
Goodnight from the happy family

Β©Jane Paterson Basil


53 thoughts on “Wedding Photos

      1. Yes, Laura was definitely stunning, and by the looks of all your fantastic photos, everyone was having a great time. Reminding me very much of my own wedding. My friends still mention it as being the most joyous wedding they’ve ever been to 😊😊❀️❀️

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  1. WOW. Laura has found her happy place. and a caring husband to walk beside her through life and share the journey.
    So very pleased for you all Jane.
    Looks like a lush celebration.
    Congratulations to the Happy couple xxx

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    1. Hi Sasha!
      It’s like a miracle. I expect you know what a dark place Laura was in, until Dave scooped her up and carried her far away from Barnstaple. She’s never, in her whole life, been so happy.


  2. I had to hold my breath at the first picture. It reminded me so much of the wedding scene at the end of Sense and Sensibility! What a beautiful, beautiful setting. Where was it and what was the name of the church? Laura looked just stunning in that gown And that picture of the kids with the balloons was just wonderful! I was struck by how normal and happy it all was after everything she and you have been through. What a blessing! So glad you posted these! And how ARE the newly weds? Back from the honeymoon yet?

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    1. It was The Church of Saint Paul, in Landkey – a little village ten minutes drive from me. Behind those hills in the background, is the cottage where I was born – and three other houses which I lived in during my childhood – all within a couple of miles of each other. It’s a beautiful area.
      Laura and Dave are at home now, but I expect they’ll continue their honeymoon when finances allow.

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      1. What a treat to get to see the area you grew up in!!! You were very lucky! I can see you as a little girl there traipsing around the countryside! (Btw, still have your email. Will answer as soon as the AtoZ Challenge is done and Camp Nano. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment.)

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        1. I’ve lived within a twelve mile radius of this town all my life, apat from a year in my teens when my parents thought it might be a good idea to move near to London (but we didn’t like it there) and those six months when I camped in the woods.
          You’ve taken on a lot these last few weeks. Well done!

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  3. what a lovely turning point in her life! It really looks like a fairy tale wedding with the country side, the old church and all the fun. They are good looking kids and she does look like you πŸ™‚

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          1. Thanks Jane but she did have massive support, especially from you and hubby plus our prayers … but it was all her own achievement!
            Team support is essential but she had to connect with her inner resilience and do it her way, time now for Paul to find his …

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            1. You’re right, she did the work. She showed incredible strength and courage, smiling through it all, but you made her feel worthy. I gave her the names of everyone who was praying for her, and passed on all the supportive messages. Her face lit up every time. I went from pretending to believe in her to having genuine faith. I don’t believe it would have happened without you.

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