Olga Hopkins

A few days ago I casually challenged my fellow bloggers to have a go at an idea I came up with (which had probably already been invented, but I hadn’t heard of it). The challenge was to write a post using the first line of each of a batch of novels. I call it First Liners, or First Line Flash. Kate, at aroused, didn’t have any novels to hand, so – being a calm person – she calmly pulled together an excellent piece from the books around her – children’s books and self help books! You wouldn’t think it would work, but she did an amazing You won’t notice the seams unless you look for them..


Olga the brolga was in a terrible mood. I’ve just woken up and it’s time to get dressed – my skirt or my jeans? Due diligence is basically a fancy word for doing research.

“Well” said daddy Hopkins, looking out at the fine spring morning, “it’s time to plant our gardens.”

It’s possible for a person to have an overwhelming number of things to do and still function productively with a clear head and a positive sense of relaxed control. Most people consider life a battle, but it is not a battle, it is a game.

The time has come. I have little use for the past and rarely think about it, I would briefly like to tell you how I came to be a spiritual teacher and how this book came into being.

As it’s a day for accepting weird challenges Jane wrote a post from the first line…

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20 thoughts on “Olga Hopkins

  1. It’s interesting how different it sounded given the types of books she used. Interesting exercise. Have you ever thought about being a writing coach, Jane? Starting a local writing club? There’s a sad lack of them around here…

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  2. Jane, you know you can’t give me that sort of challenge and expect me to leave it alone. So I’m going to collect 25 novels , copy the first lines and see what I can do. we have over 4,000 books in the house so I may just manage it. Don’t hold your breath!

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    1. I’ll look forward to your post, Anton. With that many opening lines, you could write a whole new novel!

      My father, who, amongst other things, was a talented artist, used to say that it often helps to limit the palette. In this instance, it would certainly make it less time-consuming.


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