A narcissist?
That isn’t a nice thing to say
to one who is perfect in every way.
I don’t wish to sound vain,
but the truth is quite plain;
I’m top of the A list,
on everyone’s play list.
There’s no-one can match my magnetic attraction,
my beauty’s undimmed by dark and refraction,
even my mirror’s in love with me.
Why, if I could find someone as winsome as I,
I’d wed them today and whisk them away,
but no matter how hard I try,
this sweet face is all I can see –
I can love no-one but me.


Written for The Daily Post Word Prompt: Narcissism

©Jane Paterson Basil

44 thoughts on “Narcissism

  1. Yes you look great, and it’s just a word from Greek Mythology, where a young Narcissus fell in love with own image in a pool of water, so the whole thing is just a myth, and like everything else, taken in moderation it’s ok, and won’t do you any harm.

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        1. Twice, maybe, but not more. I have an uneasy image of myself, in my dotage, scribbling old poems and thinking they’re new – or worse, laying claim to my favorite classic poems 🙂


            1. When I first got a computer I unknowingly did something which altered the format of a piece of writing. When I found it, I became convinced that someone had infiltrated my documents, and dropped their own poem in there. It’s funny, looking back, but at the time I was so traumatised by other events that I got quite paranoid until Laura took a look and explained what I’d done. I kept saying it was too good for me to have written. Once she’d finally convinced me that it WAS mine, I concluded that I was a brilliant writer – until I re-read it a couple of years later.


                    1. I’m still reeling from the shock of discovering how much you like it. A reblog from you is truly a treasure.

                      I’m not sure if I should mention that you are by far my favorite WP poet…

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                    2. I revel in metaphor, and I like to think I’m as original as a pair of Levis on a Hells Angel… that’s me trying for a cliché., which it possibly isn’t, but It’s certainly obvious.

                      How about “As original as sin.”? That MUST be a cliché.


  2. Oh, I’ve met a few of these! They are the centre of their own universe and no one’s voice is sweeter than their own, no work of art more beautiful than what they see reflected in the bathroom mirror. Made me smile Jane

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