Tramp off, Trump

Don’t tell me about zero tolerance. I can see
your compassion is at point zero.
How dare you wipe your stinking feet on UK soil,
and how could our misfit PM have the cheek to welcome you,
her skin turning pink at the thought
that her harsh measures are too gentle for your sort.
Who would think she
would ever be considered too touchy feely?
Have you seen how gives to the rich what she steals from the poor,
whistling while Brits fling themselves from bridges?
Come to think of it, that’s right down your street.
As we say around our way, with our irritating gift
for understatement:
It won’t do.

Go home; go back to the USA,
face the shame of your Texan cages.
Set the children free, give them back to their families,
then lock yourself away
and throw away the key,
or pass it to your worst enemy…
if you can figure out who that is.


He’s gone now – off on a plane, no doubt to see what damage he can do next.

This poem was a lot longer, but I felt it best to cut out a lot of what I wrote, and the clichés are deliberate…

©Jane Paterson Basil


33 thoughts on “Tramp off, Trump

  1. Well said Jane, I love your disbain of his political ways, your are like me, I treat most politicians skeptically as they continue to openly work hand in hand with the greedy and racist conglomerates of the world.

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    1. We have a good Labour leader in the UK, for the first time since Aneurin Bevan – the guy who created the National Health Services act in 1946. Sadly, a lot of the folks who are suffering from right-wing austerity measures will either have topped themselves before the next election, or they’ll vote for the righties again, because the blame our hardships on immigration, not understanding that immigrants make us more money than they cost us. The other problem is that the Labour Party is full of traitors to the cause. They don’t want us to have a fair deal.
      See – THIS is one of the reasons I steer clear of the news; I start ranting and I can’t stop.

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        1. Do you ever wonder how Cohen wrote all those incredible lyrics? I don’t understand how it was possible for him to create so much beauty. He spoke like a humble mortal, but he wrote like an angel.


    1. That occurred to me as I was writing it. Just because he’s American it doesn’t mean you should have to put up with him. Your system of Government has become crazy. Actors and billionaires smiling and buying their way into power. In this country, politicians have to work their way up through the ranks, proving their ability all the way… not that I’m any more impressed with our leader than yours, but at least our leader has a little less clout. She seems to limit herself to destroying the poor… sorry – I shouldn’t rant about our PM; Trump is far more dangerous.

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      1. He also has people in his administration working to take the few benefits we give our poor away. And of course we have the thousands of children he has separated from their parents who they don’t know how to reunite.

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    1. Sorry to disappoint you 🙂 It was a two-way thing – he didn’t like us any more than we liked him. He was offended by the giant crowdfunded “Trump Baby” balloon that was approved by the police and the Mayor of London, and flown at his arrival. It was quite rude of us – and hilarious 🙂

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  2. Fascinating idea for making use of cliches. It comes across to me as deadening — very appropriate, I’d felt.

    “no doubt to see what damage he can do next.” You were a prophet I notice.

    Thanks so much, Jane. It’s not enough to just fight him here in America. We need you.

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    1. You seem to have a natural talent for poetry critique.; you get to the heart of it. I can’t remember who it was who said that writers should never use clichés unless it was deliberate. Clichés come out when we feel emotional, or when there seems to be no point in looking for originality. Trump’s behaviour almost demands clichés.

      I wish everyone in the world could be allowed a postal vote in November – we don’t like what’s happening – but hopefully you folks will get the result you need.

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      1. I try not to be pessimistic, but I fear we won’t get the vote we need. The Democrats have a tendency to drop the ball. But we’ll see.

        I want to thank you for those massive protests when Trump was there. They most likely didn’t change a thing in the minds of his supporters, but they sure helped us on the left – inspiring.

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