Daily Archives: July 18, 2018

The Game of Life


Teachers say that it’s essential
to reach toward our full potential;
“Make the most of your credentials.
Re-define the providential.”

Life is a game that all of us play,
finding all kinds of dice on the way.
Some will be bright, some dull and grey;
brittle ones crumble and fade away.

They’re tricky blighters, the dice of life,
leading to bliss or riches or strife.
Some require sweat, others take time,
some promise dollars for less than a dime.

Kids blow dreams at birthday candles,
bones grows weak, flesh grows handles.
Ice cream drips from seaside hands,
beached eels writhe on drying sands.

Orang-u-tangs confront destruction,
Women pay for liposuction.
Councils order waste reduction,
Couples practice reproduction

Youths get drunk in ill-lit clubs,
killers shoot up schools and pubs,
Flash floods swallow humble huts,
arid sun cracks idle dust.

A trainee celebrates his rise,
another hungry baby dies.
Protesters wave their placards high,
Leaders whistle tunes and sigh.

Cryptic codes stain lip-sticked faces,
muscled athletes speed through races,
spiders clamber up a wall,
Governments rise, nations fall.

For silent death and wailing birth
cards pile high above the hearth.
Acquaintances and family friends
mark delivery at both ends.

History grows, inventing, repeating,
just as food precedes excreting,
just as farewell follows greeting,
ever creating and deleting.

Never-the-less, it’s preferential
to reach toward our full potential.
Make the most of your credentials.
Re-define the providential.


Written for The Word of the Day Challenge: Potential … a couple of days late. I’ll have to try harder.

©Jane Paterson Basil