Games with Names


Within wildest Wales,
Will will walk with warm, wilting Welsh women,
Wayland will wail with whales.
Warner’s warning whispers will waken wary Wade;
Wade won’t wade – will wonder why Wally wildly wallows.
Watching wistfully, Wiston will wait
while Willow weaves wet withering willow.
Wanda will wander,
Woody will whittle wood, wishing Walter wouldn’t waste water.
Wan will wanly wave wands, wasting wishes.
Warren will waft weak warrants,
Winnie will whinny, wearily watching,
Wayne will whine woefully.
Wendy will wend westward
while Wallace will wince and writhe in shame,
since Jane is tired of playing alliterative name games.


©Jane Paterson Basil

39 thoughts on “Games with Names

      1. Hah! I’m back and I’m twice as sassy as before! Your alliterations daunt me not for I have no longer chunks left to lose!

        Other than that, I enjoyed the poem even though it made me dizzy, so dizzy I proposed to a neighborhood girl taking the garbage out by suggesting I’d be willing to assume the task myself if she consented to pre-marital sex.

        Got a dislocated nose now, crushed balls, and bruised buttocks. Turns out she’s the local mud wrestling queen. Also a zealous defender of her garbage.

        The punch lines took me by surprise and I laughed out loud. I have no idea how you came up with so many clever alliterations, but you’d darn well start seeking an agent for publication, Jane. Seriously. The range of your skills should not be lost on the world, but inflicted upon it.

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        1. I’m sorry the pre-marital sex thing didn’t work out and would advise you to do more research into your next intended sex slave. Were I a younger woman, I might have been a useful candidate,. My Curriculum Vitai illustrates that I have a wealth of experience of pre-marital sex, but alas, time and tide wait for no man; I have retired from that field. However, should you require a reliable Employment Avoidance Advisor or a Procrastination Coach, please let me know, and I will ignore youdo my utmost to get back to you straight away.

          For some time now, I’ve been meaning to put together a chap book to raise money in my beloved Oxfam shop. If I manage to complete that project, it might give me the confidence to approach publishers. I’ll try to go through my poetry today, with a view to choosing some poems.

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          1. You will? Today? Excellent! But just the start, I think. We’ve got to get you published, Jane, and distributed. It’s a duty to humanity!

            Seriously, I’m going to email you something I discovered last night while blog surfing. I think it will give you some perspective on your talents and skills.

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              1. I’ve just gone to my main email account to find it’s been hacked. It’s Yahoo; I can’t get into it, or reach the Yahoo home page to change my password, as it’s being blocked by a shitface scam site called that claims I have to go through them to reach Yahoo.

                Anyway, enough of my crap. I’ll switch to my gmail account.


                  1. That’s a massive compliment, and it means an awful lot to me as I’m passionate about words. Writing is like painting a picture that goes straight to the brain, and I want to make that picture as perfect as I can xx

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      1. No worries ever Jane. Read at your own peril or pleasure of my Grooviness posted. (@–>–)

        It is good to take time away to get and give perspective and priority for own’s Writings. (@–>–) (@–>–)

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  1. lol love the playfulness of this … you may have inspired me to make a try with another letter! And Paul is so write you should be published as you are a master wordsmith!
    We try but you are there already so if you need any help you have my email ..

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    1. Thank you for the generous offer, Kate. I got myself in such a panic about the whole idea of being published that I couldn’t write for a few days, and I came to the conclusion that everything I’ve written so far is rubbish. It happens every time. I’m taking a breather to consider my options.

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      1. then we are all liars … wow that’s a huge accusation Jane! Shame on you …
        yet another side affect of your childhood abuse so please don’t give it power to cripple you 😦
        Rise above it and know that we speak the truth, own it and take back your power!

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        1. This must be the message that you didn’t receive a response to. Maybe I didn’t answer it after all. I’m feeling too humble right now to know what to say, except to thank you for your supportive words xx

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            1. I don’t know. Maybe for Shakespeare to rise up from his grave and tell me I’m not bad for a beginner 🙂 All through childhood I was surrounded by people who were convinced that one day I would be a great writer. I started writing my first novel when I was 9 or 10. When my father told me I didn’t have what it takes I kind of crumbled inside. He only needed a few sentences to destroy my confidence. He did it to all his children, but I hero-worshipped him, so I buried his words so deeply that they didn’t come out until two or three years ago. You’re right – the root of my problem lies in my childhood. I’m working on it, and the support of my fellow bloggers help.

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              1. yes and you really do need to take your blinkers off as far as your father is concerned … he was a very cruel man in many ways and you don’t have any of that trait … just got his putdowns engraved on your heart 😦
                Time to stop those and install your own more constructive self talk 🙂

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    2. I meant to say – please have a go at a single letter poem. It’s almost as much fun as playing chicken with the waves in the ocean, and far less dangerous, You could also try writing poetry that only uses one syllable.

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