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I Took a Picture of your Name

When I entered the bar room,
there was you;
playing pool;
lining up your eye,
preparing to shoot the cue.
A bluff landlord pulled drinks
while punters gesticulated and sipped,
ticking in time to a spinning world
that receded into  yester-land,
leaving me behind, an island
absorbed in the core
of your stillness.

I had never
set eyes on you before,
you had not yet seen me,
yet I recognised you
and I knew;
I knew
that I loved you.

My romance with George had been a game of amore,
my liaison with Dave an amateur lesson in practical passion.
I rinsed their names from my wall.

A friend whispered


I took a picture of your name
and placed it with the gathered information;
your hair, like a spent storm-cloud’s golden lining,
your eyes a paint-box summer sky,
the shape of your face,
the angle of your slender hip,
the half-apologetic twist of your lip
accompanied by a shrug, after you pocketed the black.
Black denim on your legs, black cotton
covering your tempting back,
black leather belt.

I cannot say I was patient;
my days and nights were filled with images of you,
dreams of our first meeting, and of our future,
I waited, sure that you would find me soon.

each added page of data
was warmed by your presence.
Every hour I spent with you,
every thought inspired by you,
every single part of you
is imprinted,
beneath your name,
on the peaceful gravestone
of my heart.

Judy kindly invited me to write a post using the irresistible title of her poem, so I stayed up late (as usual) to write it.

Click on Judy’s link—-> I Took a Picture of Your Name <—-go on, don’t be shy

©Jane Paterson Basil