Against the Next War

I’m stunned. This is an absolutely brilliant poem. Paul Sunstone says it’s “possibly the very best anti-war poem I’ve ever read.” Possibly? POSSIBLY? Either he is a fool, or he’s too ignorant to be able to spell the word ‘undeniably’. Both, I suspect. The poem was written – and spoken – by Sarah at Fresh hell.

Fresh Hell

In response to CafePhilos’s call to make peace viral. A noble effort, and worth a try. Please give his post a read.

Trying to do a slam-style poem. I really hope the audio turned out OK on this. Apologies if it’s too quiet, I’m still figuring out how to make videos.

If I imagine them
Taking my brother away to war

I shatter.

I don’t want to lose anyone.
Especially not to something as stupid
As war.

Maybe you like the idea of war
Because you’ve confused real life with action movies.
Maybe you hate another group of people for what they have done.
I can’t convince you to forgive another’s atrocities
That is something you must grow into on your own.
But I can beg you this:

When dogs of war bark
Don’t feed them.
You will be told it is the honorable thing
To die for your…

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35 thoughts on “Against the Next War

    1. You and Jane are undeniably the two most insufferable women on the internet, rivaled only by the eternally annoying Teresums. Obviously, y’all make a practice and habit of preying upon the tender feeling and sensibilities of us pleasant, decent folk.

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        1. WP is like a massive cocktail party; millions of people standing and chatting in their own little group, sometimes wandering off to see what others are talking about, and calling each other over – masses of tiny threads that grow…

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  1. Ahem! To Whom it May Concern:

    I am undeniably grief-stricken to inform you that an unimpeachable source has informed me that Jane, the owner of this blog, has gone stark, raving bonkers from squinting too hard at my posts on my own and other blogs in order to find fault with them – fault that is wholly imaginary and does not truly exist, naturally.

    Consequently, please be advised NOT to trust a word she says about me. They are lies, all lies. She has called me a fool, for instance, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is absolutely not true, for example, that I lost all my money betting scientists would prove the existence of God by Tuesday, October 13, 1993 at 10:36 in the morning — the anniversary of both my first time getting laid, and of my first STD.

    Nor is it true that I once inflicted severe injuries and a prolonged period of hospitalization upon myself when I mistook a cattle prod for an anal vibrator.

    Furthermore there is no substance — no substance at all — to the flourishing rumors that my celibacy began not after my second divorce, as I have truthfully told everyone, but after my first marriage due to both of my wives refusing to have sex with me for reasons of personal hygiene.

    Remember! Anything Jane says should be approached with the greatest skepticism. THE GREATEST SKEPTICISM!

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    1. Is it true what Jane told me, that you wash your hair in cheap cologne? Was it true when she said that your toenails have been declared a Level IV Biohazard? Is it true that when you were a baby, you were found under a toadstool?

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