Dear Mr McDonald,
What is your measure of success
in this besmirched world?
Do you keep an inventory
of the acres of Mcflurry cups
laying limp on motorway verges,
crushed by passing cars and trucks,
shunted along pavements by indifferent kids,
do you take note of the uneaten meat
that lurks beneath waste paper,
gathering in fences and shrubberies,
wilting in parks, gardens and alleyways,
littering our once verdant lanes?

Dear Mr McDonald
and all who follow in your wake,
Do you keep records –
records of shame,
or does your corporate heart
soar with infamous pride
at the sight of your name?


©Jane Paterson Basil

21 thoughts on “Litter

    1. Thank you. I can’t stand corporates, and I have my own reasons for detesting McD. It didn’t stop my son dragging me in there the other day; he wanted a burger. I’ve only been inside McD three times in my life, and never eaten even a single morsel from there. He said that while we waited my skin turned grey. I don’t know why he was so surprised; he’d seen it the two previous times.

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    1. Paul said something a couple of weeks ago about some weird chemical that scientists have found in McD’s which they can’t analyse. I don’t know if it’s true, but I’m happy to find anything that might put folk off eating their food.

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        1. It’s scary the things people are prepared to put in their stomachs (she says, taking another bite of Baklava). 🙂

          The difference is, Baklava is a rare, delicious treat. I don’t eat it more than once a year, if that.

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    1. Good for you, Pete. I’m having trouble with my internet at the moment. so I can’t yet open the link you sent, but I am interested. Your findings are as I would have expected. McD are market leaders in waste . Their food smells and looks revolting, too. I’ve never tried it, and don’t plan to for a range of ethical reasons.


  1. A minasqual amount of McDonalds packaging is carelessly disposed of by uncaring consumers who by the way are PIGS your response to the problem is a brain dead poem that excludes the other offenders Keep working on it at least you are one that CARES as I do
    Coming soon to all Mc Donald’s Location is an new tool that will make it easy, fast and the safest way to collect-contain-control the trash that gets away I know because I invented it Watch out for the Litterator our super heroes LITTER AVENGERS and our mascot EZZY our Litterator Gator ” BE HAPPY DON’T WORRY’

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