Viewed from the moon
I am helpless as a raindrop
drying on the African plain,
an invisible crease
in the slithering ribbon of history.
Yet next to an amoeba
I am a galaxy,
imperious as the sea.

in the eye of the universe, each planet
is a dust-mote, blown away in a moment;
to the neutron, a speck of dust
is an enduring planet.

Word of the Day Challenge: Imperious

24 thoughts on “Perspective

    1. Ignore the above comment. I was just trying to scare you.

      I very much like this poem. But I might be a bit biased in that I love just about anything that gives me a properly perspective on myself and the world.

      By the way, “the slithering ribbon of history” is genius.

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        1. I was wondering about that. How hard it is sometimes to come up with the exact word. Your words are so apt and smooth, it’s simple to think they just flow from you as fast and easy as a dress comes off on prom night.


  1. Interesting comparison. I know when I’m feeling down or troubled I like to walk outside and look at the mountains. They remind me how small most of my problems are compared to creation. Makes me feel like I can handle anything.

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  2. I loved this. It is all about perceptions and perspective isn’t it! I am so glad to have chanced upon your poems and am devouring upon them hungrily 😀

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