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    1. Someone I love has done something so foreign to my sense of humanity that I can’t talk about it. I’m sorry I haven’t kept in touch, but life was weighing me down even before the latest incident. How are things with you Ivor? How’s your health?

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      1. Hi Jane. It must’ve been horrible… I’m out of hospital, got home for Christmas. I was there for 6 weeks and ended up having a stroke as well !! Resting and recovering, which will be a while. Not allowed to drive !!
        My first outing by myself today. Caught the bus down to “Pako” and a tiny walk around. Tiring, but I’m going ok. Happy New Year my friend xxx

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              1. Wrote a poem this morning, about cutting myself with my limp hand !!
                I’m the silent young writer

                Who’s singing last week’s poem

                I’m the old lame man

                Who’s slowly learning to fly

                I see myself in the mirror

                My blood’s running dry

                The razor is sharp enough
                To make a grown man cry

                I’m a laughing Hyena
                As my blood fills the basin
                Whoops, not fun on the run
                Laughing, as I’m nervously shaving

                There’s more blood in the basin
                And my limp right hand’s shaking
                Best I stop before I die
                The recovering poet still wants to fly


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