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Clean slate or dirty plate?


Woe, woe, woe is me,
I’m having trouble with WP.
Am I an island or is it a trend,
a tangle of issues which bloggers can’t mend?
I don’t want to contact the happiness crew;
they’ll say I’m to blame, so what can I do?
My plate is stained, it’s sullied and old,
I’ll grab a clean slate and spurn the mould.

Is anyone else having these problems with WP?

The cogs that used to keep my blog running smoothly appear to have chipped a few teeth. I don’t know whether it was my angst or humour that wore them down. I’m not sure of the cure, since I have so many issues. and the last time I went to the forum for help, although I was passed on to a ‘happiness engineer’ who sorted the problem out, I felt as if my wrist had been slapped when I was accused of following blogs simply in order to get them to follow me; a claim that couldn’t be further from the truth. I have nothing to sell and I’m not an attention junkie. I write. I’m pleased when anyone reads my poetry, but I won’t wave  a flag to grab your attention.

Once again, when I click the ‘follow’ button on a blog, I am ignored. I don’t want to go back to the forum and be treated like a naughty girl. The engineer told me I mustn’t follow too many blogs at one time since it wouldn’t be possible to sort it out again? Not possible! That’s ridiculous. Now, in addition, I have difficulties when I visit upgraded blogs. ‘Like’ buttons don’t switch to ‘liked when I click on them and if I try to comment, I’m informed that I’m logged out – though I’m not – and requested to log in.

Incidentally, I’ve always kept my list below 100, and I currently follow 68, which is considered an acceptable number. Some of them have been inactive for quite a while, but I don’t want to cease following them, since they might become active again. I used to check out the first posts of new blogs, to give them company and encouragement. I’ve stopped all that, as I feared that it might have contributed to the problem. Gee, WP, thanks for discouraging me from supporting new blogs.

There’s more; I’m trying to clear a backlog of drafts, but I often find I can’t access them. Sometimes I have trouble posting responses to readers’ comments and I have to go into admin and access my comments page in order to reply. I wonder if the clunkiness I’m experiencing is a cunning plot dreamed up by WP to nudge us freewheelers into upgrading. Me? I wouldn’t dare, in case I have similar difficulties after paying my subscription.

This difficulty of communicating is putting me off reading, and often when I do read, I feel too pissed off with the faulty system to comment, so I creep quietly away. It’s also putting me off posting; if I write, but never appear show my face on other blogs, I feel as if I’m being insulting. I write every day, but few of my poems reach my blog.

I’m considering starting afresh: new blog, still with WP so I don’t lose touch with my friends, but with a new email address so that WP’s bug doesn’t follow me around.

I’d rather serve food on a clean slate than a dirty plate.

Comments please.
Commentaires s’il vous plais
Kommentare please
Comentarios por favor
Commenti per favore
opmerkingen u
Kommentit please (this one is for Raili)
kommentarer Vänligena
Lorg ma’s do thoil e (6 points if you can pinpoint the language, 10 if I’ve got it wrong and you can correct me)
adow plegya (10 points for knowing this one)



I was about to post an image of a new slate when this gecko crawled onto it.


©Jane Paterson Basil